FCN Knowledge Sharing Platform

The Westberg Institute for Faith Community Nursing, formerly called the International Parish Nurse Resource Center, recently launched its first-ever online knowledge sharing platform.

The platform was launched at the Institute’s annual Westberg Symposium in Chicago, Illinois where hundreds of nurses tested it out and joined the site. Currently, there are more than 450 nurses using the site to discuss health topics from diabetes to heart disease and everything in between.
The Westberg Institute is a ministry of the Church Health Center. As a leader in faith community nurse education, consultation, and research, serving faith community nurses (FCN) and health ministry programs worldwide. Its mission is to promote the development of high quality outcomes-based FCN practice as part of an overall health ministry program.

“We are here to help nurses worldwide achieve their goals as individuals and as communities,” said Church Health Center Board Chair Robert Buckman. “The power of the network will increase as the number of nurses who participate increases. We look forward to hearing their stories, questions and suggestions.”

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